Goodbye Tension, Hello Pension.


The retirement process involves the timely submission of paperwork to insure that the retiree’s first pension check and buyout money arrive as expected.  Three months is the usual lead time.  Attached find contact information for the State of NJ.  You will get a letter (or email) advising they are processing your application and give you a quote on your pension.  They will ask to fill out a new W-4P for income tax deductions.  This letter explains the contributions adjustment.  After pension approves your retirement, you will receive a letter explaining your benefits for tax information.  Keep this letter.  See attached Fact Sheet #12 from the state.

Your check comes at the END of the month, so you will not get a check on the first day of the month in which you retire.

Your pension is based on your last 12 months salary.  It does not include out of title, overtime, uniform allowance, or any sellback of time (vacation, comp).  It does include longevity.  Widow benefit is half of the last three years.

The Social Security estimates you receive in the mail are ESTIMATES.  You need to contact them to verify your actual pension.  See attached column on WEP.

State Life Insurance is half of last 12 months salary.

Life insurance with the City is $5,000; contact Health Benefits at City Hall (201-547-5515) to make out a new card.

While at Health Benefits, fill out for a new express-scripts card for retirees, the current co-pay for a 30 day supply is $8.00 generic, $17.00 preferred, $34.00 all other brands.  Mail Order:  90 day supply is $8.00 generic, $25.00 preferred, $42.00 all other brands.

Hospitalization coverage for you and spouse is paid by the City until you expire.  At 65 years of age, Medicare becomes your primary coverage; the city’s major medical is secondary.  Medicare Part “A” is free with enough quarters in Social Security.  Medicare Part “B” must be paid by you, and then reimbursed by the City.  Contact the Pension Office at 201-547-5144.

You must turn in to the Chief’s Office your badge, hat device, ID card, manual, keys and helmet.  Respond to BCI to get a new Retired ID Card.

Retirees of PSOA are welcome to every meeting and Holiday Party for the rest of your life.  PSOA phone number is 201-653-3892 or visit

FOP Life Insurance is handled by Charles Nierstedt, PO Box 3872, Jersey City, NJ 07303.  It will NOT be taken out of your pension.  FOP retired dues are handled by Ed Roselle at 201-240-1401 or visit