We would like to congratulate and welcome the following Police Officers:

2017 Roster РIssued:  03/06/2017  Effective:  03/07/2017

The swearing-in of the following new Police Officers took place on Tuesday, March 7th, 2017, 1100 Hours, at the City Hall Council Chambers

C. Morales
H. Alateek
R, Bobiles
M. DeBari
R. Oseguera
R. Torres
S. Cano
L. Legere
A. Vega
A. Paulino
J. Woods IV
M. Petronella
J. Gormeley
I. Soliman
L. Diaz-Perez
L. Abreu-Espinal
J. Picone
A. Solis
A. Haddad
J. Aquino
D. Wiggan
W. Bedford
C. Vasquez-Reyes
A. Martinez
J. Avila